The Heart of Geneva Fi

During the housing collapse of 2007, Geneva Financial was born.  

While other companies were closing their doors, Geneva Financial was opening theirs.  

The first year was extremely tough, as locating sources of financing for mortgage transactions was limited.  The company survived through the leadership and vision of Aaron VanTrojen.  Soon after the dust settled, Geneva Financial was perfectly positioned to expand and grow to fill the needs of the southwest mortgage market.  As the market continued to heal Geneva continued to grow. The company has expanded to 42 States and originates over 800 million in annual volume.  

Currently Geneva Financial is developing innovative tools and technology that will assist customers in finding the perfect mortgage.



Aaron VanTrojen

Chief Executive Officer


Telle VanTrojen

Chief Operating Officer

Telle VanTrojen was born and raised in Bountiful, a small city outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. She moved to Arizona shortly after graduating high school to pursue her education in Forensics and assist with her aging grandparents. A year into college she realized that she wasn't compassionate about getting a Criminal Justice degree and decided to pursue other avenues. In the fall 2002,  she purchased her first home and before the mortgage transaction was even complete she knew that the mortgage industry was where she wanted to end up.  She worked in various roles throughout the industry for the next six years until Aaron reached out to help him create Geneva Financial.  She wore almost every hat during the first year and was a pivotal figure in surviving the Housing Crisis of 2008.  Although Aaron was the architect behind Geneva Financial, Telle was responsible for keeping the plan in place and creating a solid foundation on which to build.

In 2014 Telle was made a partner and was responsible for the creation of Geneva Financials Secondary Department and Disclosure Desk enabling the company to grow.  In 2016 Telle was promoted to COO and spearheaded the transition from a banker/broker platform to a 100 percent banked product line which allowed the company to change from best efforts to mandatory delivery.   This year Telle led the Encompass Development team in rolling out Geneva’s new mortgage platform to promote the use of the newest and best technology in the mortgage industry.  In her free time Telle loves to spend time with her daughter and husband Aaron and she enjoys reading poetry.  

Tina Rose

Chief Compliance Officer

Tina Rose has been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years and held nearly every position in the industry; processor, underwriter, loan officer, branch manager, and finally Chief Compliance Officer.  Compliance is such an important part of the mortgage industry and since it is constantly changing, Tina finds it challenging and exciting.  She keeps in tune with the mortgage industry by serving as the Executive Director of the Arizona Association of Mortgage Professionals.


Tina and her husband are celebrating 25 years of marriage this year and they have 4 sons that keep them very busy.  They are also excited to welcome their first grandbaby this year, and of course it is a boy.


Tina is happy to call Geneva Financial home and enjoys working with the amazing staff of operations and sales.  Tina’s goal at Geneva is to provide excellent service to our borrowers and make their experience a pleasant one.


James Polinori Chief Marketing Officer Geneva Financial LLC.png

James Polinori

Chief Marketing Officer

James Polinori holds just under 29 years-experience in Advertising and Marketing. Starting in the news room and graphics department of an Arizona newspaper at the age of 15, he pursued an education in both fields.

After college, James worked his way up from entry level positions to running marketing divisions for multiple Fortune 500 companies and was soon recruited by a consulting firm as a Senior Consultant.

He soon started a boutique advertising agency specializing in small business. Through guidance and well-developed campaigns, James and his team helped small business owners look like big brands through polish and consistency - without big brand budget.

James took on several real estate clients through the crash and helped them with a plan to survive through advanced marketing programs.

In 2014 he was approached by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. to help improve brand awareness, image and consistency.

Through digital, video, social, education, event and consumer-direct platforms, James provided power behind the name - attracting originator talent, agent partners and consumers.

Through his tenure at Fairway, James was known for attracting between 400-700 agents to events and personally taught over 1,000 agents.